22 year-old led global tech startup develops EI platform to check fake news


Logically launched its human-centric platform powered by Extended Intelligence (EI) machine learning to empower citizens to combat fake news. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock Images)

Global tech startup Logically launched its intuitive, human-centric platform powered by Extended Intelligence (EI) machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and human oversight to empower citizens to combat fake news and misinformation on any topic.

The Logically platform offers an in-depth analysis along with fair, authentic, credible and trusted (FACT) information.

Led by a 22 year-old Cambridge and MIT graduate, Logically has been developed by a diverse team of data scientists, coders, designers and journalists.

“We are delighted to launch the Logically platform that will democratize Artificial intelligence, and guide people away from echo chambers and filter bubbles – empowering everyone to access authenticated news with balanced perspectives, nurturing news-literacy, stimulating civil discourse, critical thinking and a harmonious community atmosphere to improve lives,” Lyric Jain, the 22 year-old founder and CEO of Logically said in a press statement.

Logically uses text analytical, metadata and editorial insights to determine the quality and authority of the source while monitoring network behaviour to discover suspicious patterns. The app is available on Android and web.

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Recently, popular messaging app WhatsApp had unveiled its ‘Checkpoint Tipline’, where subscribers can check the authenticity of information received as part of its effort to check fake news ahead of the general elections in the country.

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