55th Coupe du Congo: Renaissance crosses with Lupopo, Maniema Union confronts Bukavu Dawa this afternoon


The sparks are already announced in the air for the semi-finals of the 55th edition of the final phase of the Congo Cup. These two games will see the four former winners of the competition fight hard to reach the final .

The Congo Renaissance Football Club will meet the Saint Eloi Lupopo Football Club in Lubumbashi at 3.30 pm and the Maniema Union Sports Association in Kindu will face the Olympic Club Bukavu Dawa two hours before, at 1.30 pm. These matches will take place this afternoon at the Martyrs of Pentecost Stadium.

There is no need to be a diviner or endorse the jacket of the Greek priestess “La Pythie” to make the oracle of the temple of the Martyrs Stadium this afternoon. It is clear as the water of the rock, the winner of the competition will be stamped “former winner of the Congo Cup”, given the forces involved.

FC Renaissance-Lupopo is inevitably the great poster of this penultimate stage for a team to climb on the highest step of the podium.

The Kinshasa Oranges deprived of their audience beat without concussion in the quarterfinals those of Kananga coached by Mbongo Mingi on the score of 5-0, Saturday, June 8 at the stadium Tata Raphael.

A manita that allows the “bana fibo” to soothe the spirits after finishing the preliminaries of the tournament with a half-fig, half-grape result. 
2nd place with 5 points behind Jeunesse Sportive de Kinshasa, leader with 7 points.

In front of the Renais, stand the Lumpas who feed the great ambitions and who bitterly take the trophy for the 4th time in their history. A new breath with the era Pascal Bevaragi, the new president of the railway workers of the capital copper.

The club of Haut-Katanga has eliminated a challenger size, which is nothing but AS Nyuki of Butembo, the defending champion, on the score of a goal to zero.

The other semifinal will see Maniema Union rubbing against Bukavu Dawa in the clash of teams from the eastern part of the country. 
The first city defeated the AC Real Kinshasa in the quarterfinals by winning two goals to brush.

The second was right for the forceps of the unfortunate finalist of the last competition, Jeunesse Sportive de Kinshasa coached by the technician, Zico Kiadivila.

Zero goal everywhere was the score in regulation time. The Ravens of South Kivu won 5 against 4 in the fateful shooting session.


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