Advocacy for social realism in setting tuition fees in private education


The Congolese state is called upon to ensure the social realism and humanism of the promoters of private institutions in the setting of the costs of studies from the next school year and academic.

According to Papy Bumba, this precaution is worth taking because many schools are accustomed to collect advances on school fees and academic costs consistent during the holidays, even at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The president of the FOCC urges the state to bring the promoters to the humanitarian sense to help the Congolese youth to train.

It is essential, he said, to avoid confusing school and university with a private business where you can do anything you want as long as you earn more on your behalf.

The promoters of these schools should know that the state exists in the DRC to regulate and put order, one of its sovereign missions, in all for the well-being of the population, said Papy Bumba, before urging these promoters no longer to ransom parents and other guardians of pupils and students, already in difficulty by the cost of living, by exorbitant school and academic fees and other related costs.A


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