Afghanistan- Sport keeps people away from narcotics


(MENAFN – Afghanistan Times) AT News Reports

KABUL: Doctors say that sport is a good way to
prevent the youth from drug addiction.

Afghan youthare interested in sports andschedule it
in their daily plans.

‘I am FoziaWardak. Sport is health, it prevent illnesses.
The athletes become confident to themselves and their health condition improves.
The people feel strongand their minds become fresh and busy,’ said a former
drug addict.

‘I am Mohammad Ibrahim. Sport is a costless
activity, if we schedule time for sport instead of addiction the benefit is for
us, for our families and the society.’

‘My name is Toofan. Sport isthe only way to rescue
from becoming drug addict, athletics never becomes a drug addict and sport can
avoid human from sadness, and emotional feelings.’

The psychologists say that sport can eliminate
mental depression.

‘For all those people who are struggling with
anxiety and mental depression and trying to stay away, and has weak mind, sport
is the way to solve them all. For thosewho becoming angry and want to committee
suicide the sport is beneficial as well,’ said Mohammad Zahir Shams a psychological

Medical doctors also emphasize that sport is
important for human and the body produces the more energy which is really
helpful for human’s happiness.

Dr. Mohammad Nasir Sharif head of the narcotics
reduction department at the ministry of counter-narcotics called sport the best
way to cure drug addicts.

‘Sport is a main part of the Olympic department, and
especially in regards of curative, the Olympic committee is responsible to
develop public awareness about sport, the athletics play in the matches should
pay their comments in regards of drags’ harms and damages,’ he said.


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