ARCA officially hands over accreditation to six insurance companie


“This is a ceremony that marks very clearly the opening of the insurance market in the Democratic Republic of Congo”. These remarks are from the Director General ai of the Authority for Regulation and Control of Insurance (ARCA), Alain Kaninda.

The representatives of the four insurance companies and two brokerage insurance officially received, this Tuesday, April 30, in Kinshasa, their approvals.

These are ACTIVA Assurance RDC, Congo Insurance Financial Corporation (SFA CONGO), Rawsur SA and Rawsur Life SA approved as insurance companies. The two brokerage firms are Allied Insurance Brokers SARL (AIB) and Gras Savoye DRC.

According to the director general of ARCA, these new companies will provide the population with better care through various insurance products.

“What will change for the population is that there will be a new offer of varied products with companies that have references and are able to respond to the problem of coverage of the population and provide better social protection through the insurance companies, “says the boss of the Arca, who took the opportunity to challenge the brokerage agencies that work with Sonas to comply with the new Insurance Code by submitting their file to the regulatory authority.

Note that the Regulatory and Supervisory Authority of Insurance (Arca) was established in implementation of Decree No. 16/001 of 26 January 2016. In its mission, Arca ensures the protection of the rights of insured persons and beneficiaries insurance contracts, the soundness of the financial base of insurance and reinsurance companies, and their ability to honor their commitments.

The governor of the Central Bank of Congo (BCC), the representative of the Minister of Finance and the members of the Arca’s board of directors, enhanced the ceremony of delivery of approvals.


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