Beni: Statue of Enoch Nyamwisi Muvingi slaughtered


Since 2014 that the city of Beni in the province of North Kivu is identified by a monument amputated arms and head in the city center. Indeed, it is the statue of Enoch Nyamwisi Muvingi erected at the roundabout of June 30, commonly called roundabout Nyamwisi, the main roundabout. He was one of the most influential political leaders in eastern DRC, Beni and Butembo in particular.

To immortalize “Monsieur le débat” as it has always been called “martyrdom of democracy”, a monument was erected in his honor in the heart of the city of Beni.

The great family of artists of Beni is revolted by the “permanent and ridiculous” presence of a decapitated monument in the heart of a city where the innocent are massacred. According to Papy Kaihura, a member of “the great family of artists”, a corporation that brings together sculptors, choreographers, painters, graphic artists and other artists, are willing to offer a free service to save the image of the city.

“Frankly this decapitated monument is the symbol as if in Beni people were sacrificed. It hurts to see a monument of a very big abandoned man in the center of the city. We, as artists, we can leave this space, we can improve it even on our own … “, said this artist.

It was in 2014 that the drama took place. The population awoke one morning and saw the demolition of the statue whose arms and head were amputated by strangers while the city was under curfew, only the police and security forces had the privilege of circulate after 18 hours. Until today, no one else Beni’s security committee could identify the perpetrators of this destruction even less their intentions.

The artists of Beni who denounce is that they describe lack of political will, intend to make their contribution to improve the image of the city. They ask the support of the state authorities for the success of this work. They want to raise awareness against insecurity through the artistic works to be exhibited on June 30th.

It must be said, since the destruction of this monument, the authorities have never announced the rehabilitation of this memorial work. By the year 2015, the federalist-Nyamwisi Christian Democracy (DCF-N), political party of Enoch Nyamwisi Muvingi had expressed the wish to rehabilitate this monument by their own means, but the state authorities had opposed it.

While the latter were determined to carry out this work, some were arrested by the police on the orders of the town hall of Beni and tarpaulins exposed during the course of work torn and carried by the police.

The destruction of this monument occurred just days after the monument “Joseph Kabila” Malepe district. It was destroyed by the angry population protesting against a new massacre of civilians by the ADF rebels alleged in Kasinga and Munzambaye at Paida and Boikene districts. There, the supposed perpetrators were arrested and would still be in prison until these days.


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