Boris Johnson’s sister to stand for rebel Tory and Labour MPs’ group Change UK in European elections next month


Rachel Johnson has revealed she will compete in the European elections next month for the newly-formed Change UK group.

The sister of the former foreign secretary and prominent Brexiteer Boris Johnson made her surprise announcement as she appeared at the launch of the party’s election campaign.

Rallying against Brexit, Ms Johnson said she did not want to see it “rubbing out my children’s prospects and chances of living and travelling and working in Europe”.

“These are chances that the politicians who decided to campaign to Leave have enjoyed themselves,” she told the Evening Standard.

“It is simply not fair — and sometimes one has to stand up and be counted. It is now that time for me.

he journalist and campaigner continued: “A vote to leave the EU is so important, so life-changing for the next two generations that I am impelled to stand up and be counted for what I believe in, which is that we are far better in Europe.”

“I’m honoured they have picked me to stand in the South West, which is where I call home. I went to school there, my father was born in Penzance and we have family dating back to the 1600s in my local village.”

Ms Johnson joined dozens of candidates on stage in Bristol for the launch of the party’s European election campaign including former BBC journalist Gavin Esler, ex-Tory minister Stephen Dorrell and QC Jessica Simor.

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Mr Esler, who is standing as a candidate in London, slammed Brexiteers such as Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg as the “posers of Brexit”, who were simply “selling the same old snake oil”.

He said: “I have never been seriously worried about the future of our country but I am now.

“Our political system is a joke. It is a worldwide joke. They are laughing at us – not with us, at us.”


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