Boulting Technology appoints new digital lead


Industrial systems integrator promotes Nick Boughton to role of digital lead

Leading systems integrator, Boulting Technology is strengthening its Industry 4.0 offering with the appointment of former sales manager, Nick Boughton, as its digital lead. The position is a new role at Boulting, allowing the business to enhance its digital offering as the world of engineering evolves.

Since joining Boulting Technology in 2005, Boughton has been an integral part in developing and implementing the company’s digital capabilities. In 2018 Boulting formed a new alliance with NETbuilder, a leading provider of software and IT consulting services and joined Siemens’ MindSphere Partner Program. In his new role, Boughton will build upon these alliances to offer a fully integrated IT/OT solution for the company’s clients.

“Like the industry itself, my job has changed significantly over the years. I’ve moved from more hands-on roles, such as my first job with APV Automation, to that of more strategic work here at Boulting,” said Nick Boughton.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be working at Boulting and in the world of engineering. Over the years I have visited thousands of factories and manufacturing facilities, across a breadth of sectors and no two are the same. This difference is becoming more apparent with the implementation of sustainable digital transformation technologies.

“Concepts such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, which would only have been seen on the big screen ten years ago, are slowly making their way onto the plant floor. It’s our job to help our customers understand the impact of such technologies and guide them on their digitalisation journey.

“The digital lead role that Boulting has created will enable us to drive business forward into the Industry 4.0 arena and beyond. While we are known internationally for our traditional systems integrator work, we want to shake up people’s pre-conceptions of what integration actually means. It’s no longer just mechanical or electrical, but digital too.”

“I’ve worked alongside Nick for many years,” said Robin Whitehead, managing director of Boulting Technology. “And there is no-one better suited to lead Boulting and it’s clients forward.

“Our ever-expanding digital portfolio will allow us to deliver a truly integrated offering for clients. While our traditional work with LV panels and industrial networks remains integral to both us and our clients, we are now better suited to meet client requirements and expectations, even if they are unaware of the possibilities.”

In January, Boulting unveiled a new look website which provides visitors with a wealth of content and resources to help educate and inform visitors on industry 4.0. To read articles by Nick Boughton and other authors at Boulting Technology, visit

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