Civil Aviation did not receive any requests from Katumbi to land in Goma


Airports Authority (RVA) General Manager Bilengi Abdallah denied Katumbi’s firm’s information that a request for an overflight and landing would not be granted to the former governor’s plane, which should to go to Goma (North Kivu) this Sunday, May 26th.

According to the RVA, Katumbi did not request any overflight and landing in Goma. In addition, the only request made to land in Lubumbashi remains valid until the end of May says the director general of the RVA

“To my knowledge, I know that his delegation arrived at Goma at three o’clock in the morning, and that Katumbi was to join her. But currently Mr. Katumbi would be in South Africa and he has a private jet and he has an authorization to enter Congo by Lubumbashi and this authorization is valid until the end of May. But civil aviation, which has the authority to grant it permission to go to another airport other than Lubumbashi, to my knowledge, has not had a request for landing in Goma, ” he told

For his part, Olivier Kamitatu, chief of staff and spokesman for Moise Katumbi, announced that the plane of the former governor did not obtain the authorization of overflight and landing. As a result, he is delaying his arrival in this part of the country.

“President Moise Katumbi thanks the people of Goma who came to welcome him today. He has not received any overflight and landing clearance for the city of Goma, so he will not be able to come today (…). This is only a postponement. He will announce a new program very soon. He is determined to continue his safari starting with Goma, ” he said.

Since the beginning of May, any authorization for overflight and landing of aircraft in the DRC is subject to a prior notice required by the services of Félix Tshisekedi’s special advisor on security, François Beya.


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