Cohen's Lawyer Says He Discussed Possible White House Job, Then Changed Mind


The attorney for Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, said Friday his client initially wanted to work in the Trump administration but changed his mind after speaking with his family.

During a public hearing with the House Oversight Committee Wednesday, Cohen insisted his heart was not set on receiving a job offer from Trump to work in his administration. Trump and his defenders have jumped on that, claiming Cohen was angling for a White House job and, when he did not get one, became disillusioned and eventually turned on the president.

Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis released a statement Friday that tried to shed some light on the matter.

“If this is what Mr. Trump and his supporters are focusing on — and not a single rebuttal of any fact asserted by Mr. Cohen in his long day of testimony under oath before the Oversight Committee — that says a lot,” Davis said. “This is the classic Trump tactic we have seen for a long time — divert and disparage rather than confront facts and tell the truth.

“The fact is, early on, Michael Cohen speculated about a possible position in the White House. But after he consulted with his family and friends, he decided that he preferred to stay at home in New York City and be ‘personal attorney to the president.'”

Cohen will serve three years in prison starting in May stemming from his guilty plea for lying to Congress and tax fraud. He made numerous accusations against Trump during Wednesday’s testimony, which has prompted the Oversight Committee to seek additional testimony from others in Trump’s inner circle.

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