Congolese hospitality preached in the works ” Family Owele ” and ” Family Tintin ” of the sculptor Ousmane Mabanza


The works of art named “Family Owele” and “Family Tintin”, the artist Ousmane Mabanza in which he praises Congolese hospitality as virtue to perpetuate.

The artist sculptor Ousmane Mabanza presented Sunday to the public, two of his works of art named “Family Owele” and “Family Tintin”, in which, he praises the Congolese hospitality as virtue to perpetuate, in the part of an exhibition organized in his workshop in the commune of Gombe, in Kinshasa.

The purpose of these works, he said, is to remind the generations of the moment and the future of the importance of preserving this traditional value that participates in the DRC’s journey towards emergence by 2030 As well as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is a great risk of being at the bottom of the scale in terms of standard of living.

While making a simultaneous presentation of these two works, Ousmane Mabanza informs that he used the wood to produce two small pirogues, putting on board the first, the Owele family, carrying on board, a white behind and some blacks with paddles, bound for their village. The “Tintin family” canoe, for its part, includes a crew made up of three Belgian tourists and three Congolese guides who are making them discover the realities of their environment.

The important thing nowadays is to cultivate humility, to coalesce with other peoples, to fight together against plagues such as poverty, hunger and disease, the artist concluded.


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