“Crimes” in 2002: HRW calls for trial against General Gabriel Amisi


The current Deputy Chief of Staff of the DRC armies in the line of fire of Human Rights Watch (HRW). The NGO accuses General Gabriel Amisi of committing serious “atrocities” in 2002 in Kisangani, as number two of a rebel movement.

“It is necessary to prosecute General Amisi in DR Congo”. This is the title of an article published on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on its website. And these are not the charges that are lacking to the American NGO specializing in the defense and promotion of human rights.

Among the reprehensible acts alleged against General Gabriel Amisi: “crimes committed in Kisangani” in 2002. “This former rebel commander was emboldened by his impunity for war crimes committed in 2002,” the article continues.

Today, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC), Gabriel Amisi Kumba aka “Tango Four”, is named among the “criminals” of the so-called “Second Congo War” (1998). -2003). A conflict that pitted the DRC against its former allies: Rwanda and Uganda, which supported respectively the Rassemblement congolais pour la democratie (RCD) and the Mouvement de liberation du Congo (MLC).

All the east of the DRC or almost is fire. And in Kisangani, everything starts with the repression of a mutiny of Congolese police and soldiers against their officers (Rwandans and Ugandans).

“To crush a mutiny, members of the RCD-Goma High Command coordinated a violent crackdown, indiscriminately killing civilians, summarily executing captured combatants and committing widespread rape, beatings and systematic looting. More than 160 people were killed in a few days.

And it is there that Gabriel Amisi, then assistant chief of staff and in charge of the logistics of the RCD-Goma, will write, him, his part of history.

“He (Amisi, Ed) was seen at the Tshopo bridge, shortly before RCD-Goma fighters summarily executed police officers and soldiers. In the following days, fishermen saw corpses in this river, “says HRW.

Also in the context of this war, Amisi led a troupe that in September 2002 massacred at least 56 civilians in an attack against the Mayi-Mayi militia close to the DRC government.

In the face of these “atrocities”, HRW had no other option but to demand the judgment of General Amisi. The NGO relies on the current head of the Congolese state to remove the general from the position he currently holds in order to be tried. “Seventeen years after the terrible crimes of the RCD-Goma rocked Kisangani, he (President Tshisekedi, Ed) should keep his promise, dismiss Amisi from his post and help the victims and their families to finally get justice.”

But, not at all easy for the fifth president of the DRC saw the agreements with the old regime and many other political burdens.


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