Death of a schoolboy during a demonstration: Fire and barricades to protest


Dozens of residents of the Kiwanja city of North Kivu demonstrated on Friday, May 17, in the streets, the day after the death of a 12 year old schoolboy during the police crackdown on a march against insecurity.    

Residents, mainly young people, set fire to the building and erected barricades with stones and tree branches on the national road number 4 linking Goma to Butembo in North Kivu province.

Socio-economic activities are revving in this part of Rutshuru territory.

The shops are still closed, traffic is almost interrupted on the main road and FARDC soldiers are visible in some corners.

According to Jonas Pandasi of the new civil society, there is a meeting between the local authorities and the family of the victim (the dead schoolboy) to try to decant the situation that may degenerate. 

The vehicles coming from Goma, the chief town of the province and those coming from the Beni and Lubero territories are stranded in Kiwanja.


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