Diomi Ndongala proposes four development projects for Kinshasa-Brazzaville bridge


“I believe that the construction of the bridge linking Kinshasa to Brazzaville would be a profitable project for the DRC if and only if, at the same time, a substantial investment would be made in Kongo Central to develop the highly sensitive sectors of port and road infrastructure. 

In other words, the economic impact of this project can only be negative if it is conceived as an isolated, piecemeal project, without taking into account the urgent development of the port, transport and communication infrastructures on the Kinshasa axis. – Kongo Central, said Eugene Diomi Ndongala, a native of Kongo Central, this Thursday, May 16, Media Congo Press.For the latter, four development projects must necessarily accompany the construction of this bridge, for its realization is beneficial ( and not suicidal) for the DRC economy which would otherwise become completely dependent on the ports of Congo-Brazzaville (more efficient than those of the DRC.

The first of these four projects, he said, consists of the construction of a modern highway, instead of the current national N ° 1 too narrow for the traffic of large trucks and which, because of the dilapidation of its design, causes a very high number of deaths each year, as a result of cascading incidents. In addition, said Diomi Ndongala, the very expensive toll imposed on the Congolese on this small two-lane road, is inadequate compared to the lack of maintenance of this vital road traffic connecting Kinshasa to the ports of Matadi and Boma. The toll, according to him, is not justified, considering the smallness of the road and its lack of maintenance, whereas this toll loads enormously the cost of transport of the goods of primary necessity (one of the most expensive in the world) and especially ,

The second project indicated Diomi Ndongala is related to the rehabilitation of the ports of Matadi and Boma, whose decrepit and dilapidated infrastructures are no longer competitive or modern;

The third project is related to the purchase of new buoyage and dredging boats of the Congo River, so that large boats can dock quietly at these ports. For Diomi Ndongala, competition in ports is linked to the logistics and infrastructure of the port of Matadi must be developed. “This port must be equipped with the appropriate equipment. When we do not have a good depth at the level of the “scam pass”, the boats will have difficulty to reach Matadi, “he said.

For its part, the fourth project consists of the construction of a deep-water port in Banana, connected by a highway to Kinshasa. “The DRC and the United Arab Emirates, through the firm DP World, signed Friday, March 23, 2018 in Kinshasa a convention relating to the construction of the deep-water port off the city of Banana. But, the work has not started yet and no one knows if and when they will actually fail.

Apart from these four axes of development, it would be absurd for Congo-Kinshasa, according to Eugène Diomi Ndongala, to mortgage its commercial independence in favor of other countries like Congo-Brazzaville, becoming “de facto” an economically landlocked, because of a culpable lack of vision of its leaders, who would have been unable to develop their own national port facilities.

The question of the construction of the bridge between Kinshasa and Brazzaville should not, he continues, be conceived as an isolated project, but as part of a larger project to modernize the port and road infrastructure in Kinshasa and Kongo Central. For Diomi Ndongala, the delay accumulated by the country in recent decades forces Congo-Kinshasa to contextualize the implementation of projects that, launched in an isolated and piecemeal way, without taking into account the combination of costs and benefits, would certainly a negative impact on the general economy of the DRC, depriving it of its commercial independence.


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