DR Congo Ebola outbreak: More than 2,000 cases reported


ore than 2,000 cases of Ebola have been recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last 10 months, officials have said.

Two thirds of the cases have been fatal, the health ministry added.

The outbreak in the east of DR Congo is the second biggest in history, with a significant spike in new cases noted in recent weeks.

But health workers’ attempts to contain the outbreak has been hindered by mistrust and violence.

Despite the fact that more than 1,300 people have died of the disease since August, the charity Oxfam says its teams are meeting people every single day who still don’t believe the virus exists, the BBC reports.

Others don’t trust the health workers, which leads people with symptoms to avoid treatment, thus making it harder to stop the virus spreading.

Currently it is contained within two provinces, but it is becoming harder to monitor the spread of the virus because of violence in the country’s eastern region.


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