DRC: 9 senators replaced by their alternates


 These senators deliberately gave up their positions because they found themselves in one of the incompatibility cases provided for in the Constitution.

Finding themselves in cases of incompatibility, the nine elected senators who have opted to leave the Senate for other functions, are now replaced by their alternates. The latter saw their mandates of senators validated by the plenary assembly, Tuesday, May 14 in the Senate. At the same time, a special commission of 50 members, chaired by Evariste Boshab, was set up to draft the Rules of Procedure of the Senate.

After the expiration of eight days granted to senators having cases of incompatibility with other functions, the examination of the 51 files presented to the plenary revealed that 37 senators have opted for the Senate. Four others elected to the Upper House of Parliament had already resigned at the time of filing.

The former president of the Pan-African Youth Union, Francine Muyumba, came close to the invalidation in the Senate because of the constitutional late filing of her file. Fortunately for her, as a result of justifications and a heated debate, the plenary finally accepted his file.

And for the remaining nine, the senators concerned opted to leave the Senate for other functions. They are Willy Bakonga Wilima, Christophe Baseane Nangaa, Michel Bongongo Ikoli Ndombo, Pancrace Boongo Nkoy, Mohamed Bule Gbangolo Basabe, Faithful Likinda Bolom’Elenge, Jean-Claude Musaas Manyong, Alphonse Ngoyi Kasanji and Gaston Nkole Tshimuanga.

A special commission called Kongo-Central, Kwango, Kwilu was set up for the verification of the credentials of their substitutes to replace them by right. Composed of 12 members, this special commission worked for two days, last Friday and Saturday.

Thus, during the plenary session of Tuesday, May 14, 2019, this special committee presented to the assembly the conclusions of its report of the work. Having examined the elements required by section 132 of the Election Act as amended and completed to date, this special commission found the records of all the nine deputies of the elected representatives to be in conformity.

Consequently, their mandates as senators were thus validated by the plenary assembly. Amongst these happy new senators: Mr. Ilanga Bakonga Reagan, Mrs. Dieudonnette Mungwanandjo Boyekombo, Mr. Richard Bampunga Ndombo Benteke, Ms. Lydie Baopoko Bahike, Papy Bazego Tebuseli, Jean-Laury Lilongo Botshili Banza, Micheline Kabedi Kazadi, Odette Mbuyi Ngoyi and Flory Ntumba Mbuyi.

The plenary session of the Senate on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, continued with the establishment of a new special committee to draw up the Rules of Procedure governing the upper house of the Congolese Parliament throughout this third parliamentary term. third Republic. Which special commission of the Senate consists of 50 members, because of two senators per province (for the 24 who currently sit in the Senate pending partial senatorial elections in North Kivu and Maï-Ndombe).

And to the advantage of its electoral weight, the city of Kinshasa is represented by 4 members in this special commission. It has 10 working days (from May 15 to 27) to perfect the work entrusted to him and to present to the plenary assembly the conclusions of its related report. This special commission is chaired by the Honorable Evariste Boshab Mabileng.

The approval of the report will be followed directly by the adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the Senate. This will be the culmination of the second constitutional mission assigned to the Provisional Office of the Senate, installed last Friday, April 5 and led by the oldest member Leon Mamboleo Muguba Milamba, during this inaugural special session. This, after the validation of the mandates. The most recent mission will be the election and installation of the final Senate Bureau, which will continue the regular session of March 2019.   


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