DRC: Lamuka Grand Katanga executives stand in opposition alongside Katumbi


The coordination of the Lamuka platform in the Greater Katanga region has made a development, this Wednesday, May 1, 2019. She calls Katumbi to remain in his logic of making a Republican opposition.

“We salute the good fight led by the six leaders and enhanced by the wise decision to capitalize on the achievements of the work done by the soldier of the people and all the candidate deputies and, through them, the whole people. The choice of Katumbi marks a strong signal of Lamuka’s willingness to participate with the other forces at break with the tyranny of the last 12 years, ” said in a statement several executives of this platform during a political morning held this Wednesday in Lubumbashi.

These actors, including Guibert Yav Tshibal, former vice-governor of Katumbi, Clotilde Mutita of Unadef’s inter-federal government and Georges Mawine, youth leader of Ensemble pour le changement, say they are in opposition. to assume and welcome the Lamuka Charter which has become a political platform.

“We fully assume the generational scope of our choice to embrace the Lamuka Charter but recognize the historical merits of our elders, and all anonymous fighters in the struggle for the democratization of our country,” they added.

They have, however, taken note of the will of the Head of State to usher in a new era based on a political paradigm where, they note, bullying and arbitrariness will never have place.

Unlike Antoine Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza, who recalled Tuesday that he is no longer part of Lamuka, they swear by the opposition to the regime in place and announce at the same time the imminent return of Moses Katumbi to the country.


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