Election and installation of the final National Assembly Office, the consolidated FCC-CACH coalition


The Common Front for Congo welcomed the dynamism that characterized its coalition with the Cape for change during the elections of the members of the definitive National Assembly.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, about the installation of the final office of the National Assembly, the Common Front for Congo (FCC), salute the consolidation of the Coalition with Cape Town for Change (CACH) .

“The election and installation of the definitive National Assembly Office, illustrate the dynamism of our democracy and confirm the will of the FCC and its partner CACH, to consolidate their coalition by giving priority to, among other things, cohesion within the parliamentary majority. . “Can we read in the press release.

To this end, the Common Front for Congo (FCC), urges the National Assembly to play its full constitutional role:

“The FCC urges the National Assembly to fully play its constitutional role, valuing what the people conferred on it on December 30, 2018, through active support for structural reforms that can transform our society qualitatively,” the statement said. .


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