End of the Festival of scenic reading at the Space “Tarmac of the authors” of Kintambo


Organized at the Espace “Tarmac des auteurs”, in the commune of Kintambo, the Festival of Scenic Reading closed its activities on Monday.

The Festival of scenic reading, held in the Space “Tarmac of the authors”, located in the commune of Kintambo, came to an end Monday, announced the spokesperson of the organizing committee of this cultural activity, Jean Marie Tamadinda.

According to him, this festival has offered a reunion framework to renowned actors in the western part of the DRC capital, to help them expose their talents in the dramatic arts, specifically, in the fields of theater, comedy and cinema in a first moment.

In addition, Mr. Tamadinda said that these components of the world of playwrights in Lukunga District should, after the presentation of their works to the public, be organized into three small groups of cinema, comedy and theater under the coordination of a “Collective” called to supervise them so as to make them more effective and to sell them internationally in order to better take care of himself, he pointed out.

The Festival of Scenic Reading was made possible thanks to the support of the French Institute of Kinshasa (IFK), the Center Wallonie Bruxelles (CWB) and the Canada Council for the Arts (CAC), as well as the ASBL Africa Lia, he said.


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