Epsp Minister launches the 6th edition of Science and Technology Week


Members of the scientific and technological world met in Kinshasa from 20 to 25 April for the organization of the 6th edition of Science and Technology Week (SST 6). The official launch ceremony of his works was held on Saturday, April 20 at the space Texaf Bilembo, in the municipality of Gombe. It was chaired by Acting Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Emery Okunji.

Organized by the ministry in charge of education in partnership with the non-profit association Investing in people (IIP Asbl), the 6th edition of the Science and Technology Week welcomes several personalities from the scientific and technological world of the Republic Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and elsewhere.

The chosen theme is “the old and the new world”. The SST6 is part of the commemoration of Science and Technology Month. The theme for this 6th edition is justified in that “in the perspective of a 4th industrial revolution characterized by innovations that can be divisive and dehumanizing, how should the DRC move towards its education system and its development models, so that these innovations are liberating for the country as well as for the continent?

Faced with this situation, the organizers are of the opinion that the 6th edition of the SST is a good opportunity to learn about the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution as artificial intelligence and the blockchain, the opportunities and the threats they represent. The public invited to participate in this work is invited to reflect on how to master this technological revolution in the context of the DRC.

In his words of circumstance, Emery Okunji, acting minister in charge of primary and secondary education, had the right words to salute the bravery and dynamism of the OHS organizing committee, which, according to the minister, are determined to make benefit the country from the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution. For the minister, the 4th industrial revolution raises significant opportunities for the outbreak of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On the first day, the Ambassador of the Next Einstein Forum for the DRC, Raissa Malu hosted the first conference on “An Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Old and the New World”. As for Sam Yala, representative of the AI ​​MS center in Rwanda, he spoke to the audience about “What strategies to position Africa at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution? The example of AIMS-NEI.

On the sidelines of the 6th edition of the SST, a database of women scientists in the DRC is being created. The official presentation of this database was held Saturday, April 20 in Kinshasa, during a gala evening organized for this purpose, Sultani hotel, in the town of Gombe.

It is also planned several discussion forums as well as exhibitions. The Boboto College, the Gombe Institute and other centers are selected as sites to host the various works of the 6th edition of Science and Technology Week.

A few days ago, a motorized caravan was organized to commemorate the month of science and technology. The caravan has crisscrossed the four Proved of Kinshasa, meeting the beneficiaries of the Project of Education for the Quality and Relevance of Teaching at the Secondary and University Levels (PEQPESU). These beneficiaries are none other than students in secondary schools, technical and vocational schools.

The Science and Technology Month Organizing Committee is also planning science caravans in 5 targeted cities. These include Goma (North Kivu), Lubumbashi (Upper Katanga), Kisangani (Tshopo), Kikwit (Kwilu) and Tshikapa (Kasai). It is also planned conferences across different cities of the country, exhibition and others.

Since 2014, every year, the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education and the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology with the non-profit association Investing in People (IIP Asbl) organize Science and Technology Week ( SST). An event created with the aim of developing, among young people and the general public, a scientific and technological culture, to promote knowledge and know-how in these fields and to encourage vocations.

Olivier Kaforo / The Potential


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