Evaluation of the economy and public finances: Vital Kamerhe chaired the meeting


The Head of State’s Chief of Staff Vital Kamerhe Lwa Kanyiginyi Nkingi chaired, Thursday at the Palais de la Nation, a meeting of experts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Budget and Central Bank for the assessment of the economy and public finances of the country.

Mr. Philippe Egoumé, Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund in the DRC, spokesperson for the experts, told the press at the end of the meeting that they, on this occasion, explained to the Chief of Staff of the Chief of the State the purpose of their mission, which is to assess the country’s economy, examine issues of public finance, debt and economic growth. He added that they will collect data for this week and analyze them before making recommendations to the country’s competent authorities. He said the ultimate goal is to make a comprehensive report of the situation at the end of the mission, to present to the IMF’s Executive Board.

For Egoumé, what we can expect from this mission is the experts’ point of view, their understanding and analysis of the country’s economic situation and the recommendations they will have to make to the authorities. of the country and what they will think of as the right policy to adopt to make real inclusive growth that creates opportunities for the Congolese people.

Mr. Egoumé affirmed that his mission noted that with regard to macroeconomic policy, efforts had been made since 2017 to stabilize the macroeconomic situation, pointing out that this is observed by an inflation which fell very rapidly as the depreciation of the exchange rate has been drastically reduced – the exchange rate is relatively stable which proves a good control of the budgetary situation.

The IMF senior official also said that public debt deficits in the DRC at the end of 2018 have been relatively low, despite election-related spending. These are assets to preserve, he said. He also said that the Chief of Staff of the Head of State explained to them that it was in order to develop the country and accelerate economic growth that the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi set up his program a 100-day emergency, to “reconnect the country” in the areas of infrastructure, social, education and health.


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