F. Tshisekedi welcomed in Beni with the slogan “Father forgive us”


Félix Tshisekedi arrived yesterday Tuesday March 16 in Beni around 14 hours local time. According to several online media, it is a huge crowd that accompanied the presidential procession to the rhythm of songs and cries: “Baba utusamehe” (Father forgive us)!

It is thus a population which amends after the presidential election of December 30, 2018. The reaction of the head of the State did not wait. In front of the town hall of Beni where a human tide was gathered, Fatshi said in Lingala: “I tell you this: it is useless to ask for forgiveness. We are in a democracy. Your gesture is a democratic expression. I have no grudge against you. You are my parents, my brothers and my sisters!

Regarding the insecurity in this part of the east of North Kivu province, the head of state promised to put an end to the activism of the rebels of the ADF, pointing out the FARDC troops who, according to him, have lasted too long in this part.

He has also launched a patriotic appeal to Congolese who are in the armed groups to surrender; otherwise, he warned, patriotic action will be taken against those who will not want to lay down their arms.

Also, Felix Tshisekedi promised: “There will be zero tolerance for the politicians and officers of the army who maintain these militias.”

Plaidoirie for the end of Ebola

The activists of the citizen movement Fight for Change (Lucha) also took to the streets of Beni on the sidelines of this official visit by the Head of State. They solicited from Félix Tshisekedi the total eradication of the insecurity orchestrated by the ADF, as well as that of the Ebola virus disease.

The head of state asked the people to collaborate with the teams of the response and to observe the rules of hygiene; for this disease to be eradicated in three months.

This epidemic is at the base of the deaths of several Congolese in Beni and Butembo, in addition to several hundred others mowed down by the negative forces, including the Ugandan rebels of the ADF.


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