'Face 2 Face' movie review: Exploring love, lust, commitment, and complications


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In his first feature film, director Sandeep Janardhan takes a cue from Upendra. Naturally so, considering that the new director worked under Uppi as an assistant for six years. 

A romantic thriller, Face 2 Face has three parallel stories — a possessive mother, a romantic story and a tale of friendship. The story revolves around Santhosh (Rohith Bhanuprakash), Sneha (Divya Uruduga) and Preethi (Purvi Joshi). Santhosh is in love with Preethi, but a small incident changes the situation. Santhosh, who is struggling to get his love back takes the help of Sneha, who has just applied for a divorce from her husband. Will Santhosh and Preethi get back, and will Sneha find friendship in Santhosh? This comes with interesting twists and also explores shocking realities.

For a first-time director, this is a complicated story coming from Sandeep. Taking a subject on contemporary relationships, it is the twists and turns that keeps the narration engaging. While the director keeps the guessing game on, the complicated turn of events tend to test patience levels. 

The director, who has given importance to the lead characters, explores the conflict between love, lust, commitment and complications in marriage and through his narrative, emphasise relationships. The psychological dimensions, including the one between mother and son, is convincing. 

The lead actors – Rohith Bhanuparkash, Divya Urduga and Preethi have done justice to Sandeep’s story and is well supported by Veena Sunder, Suchendra Prasad, Yamuna Srinidhi to mention a few.

Technically, Face 2 Face has its own cinematic beauty, credit for which goes to cinematographer Vishwajith Rao, whose picturisation explains the story better. Matching each frame is the music by Ek Khwaab- the band has come up with an interesting set of medleys. A film that deals with complex relationships, Face 2 Face is well-thought out attempt for a young director in his first.

Film: Face 2 Face
Rating: 2.5/5
Director: Sandeep Janardhan
Cast: Rohith Bhanuprakash, Divya Uruduga, Purvi Joshi, Veena Sunder and Suchendra Prasad


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