“Fayulu, an asset to reduce Kabila’s power,” Herman Cohen

Martin Fayulu

Former US Deputy Secretary of State for Africa Herman Cohen urges the unfortunate presidential candidate of last December, Martin Fayulu, to abandon the fight over the truth of the polls. In a statement made on Thursday, April 25 via his twitter account, Herman Cohen believes that Martin Fayulu must unite with Felix Tshisekedi to incapacitate Joseph Kabila.

“Martin Fayulu, a better service to his country if he abandoned his electoral grievance and worked instead to strengthen the efforts of President Tshisekedi to reduce the persistent power of former President Kabila,” wrote Herman Cohen on his Twitter account.

This statement by the American diplomat comes three days before the return of Martin Fayulu after his Euro-American tour. Wherever he goes, the candidate for the Lamuka coalition in the December 30 election insists he will continue to fight the truth of the polls.

Herman Cohen

Seeing the one nicknamed “the commander of the people” working alongside the head of state, Felix Tshisekedi, is the wish of many Congolese, although Martin Fayulu is reluctant to such a probability.

As a reminder, at the dawn of the DRC’s post-election crisis, several political actors, like Alain Daniel Shekomba, called for the appointment of Martin Fayulu as Prime Minister to find a way out of the crisis. .


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