Felix Tshisekedi met with representatives of Sachi Oil Oil Group


The President of the Republic received in audience, Saturday, May 18, a delegation of the Sachi Oil Oil Group led by Mr. Ian Chikanza (Chairman, Sachi Oil SA) and Luc Badibanga (CEO, Co-Founder and shareholder of the Consortium Congolese).

According to the statement of the President of the Republic, the discussions focused on ” the state of deployment of the Sachi Oil Consortium in the DRC, the need to strengthen strategic stocks and the construction of infrastructure attached thereto, and finally the development of palm grove, useful resources for the creation of biodiesel “.

Doctor Chikanza is a renowned doctor and scientist. In 2009, he led the acquisition of the assets of the Exxon Mobil Group in a part of Sub-Saharan Africa which he took the lead and imposed as the largest independent oil entity owned by black Africans.

Luc Badibanga holds a law degree from the University of Sorbonne and a degree in economics from the same university. During the last 22 years of an international career, he has held numerous executive positions in Europe (London, Switzerland, Turkey), the Middle East and Africa on behalf of the two global tobacco majors, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Philip Morris International (PMI).

He has held five CEO positions: BAT Rwanda, BAT Rwanda-Burundi, BAT Mozambique, BAT Congo and Regional Managing Director for Central Africa for Philip Morris International, having 14 mainland markets under his responsibility.


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