Felix Tshisekedi to develop good relations with the EU


The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, reaffirmed his firm will to develop “very good” relations with the world, in general, and particularly with the traditional partners of the European Union and Canada, during dinner at the City of the African Union (AU) Saturday with the ambassadors of this European and Canadian organization accredited in Kinshasa.

The Head of State indicated in his speech that he wanted to gather the ambassadors of the European Union and Canada to present their vision for the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), after his election and his investiture at the helm of the country.

For the Head of State, this will be done through four essential axes namely the social, the economy, security and the environment.

All this, he said, after sending strong signals on the political level, including that of détente with the EU countries and, internally, by the easing of the political climate by the release of prisoners political, the closure of the cells held by political prisoners and access to the official media by all political tendencies.

These actions demonstrate the new dynamic that he wants to boost democracy in this country. Regarding the social, the Head of State said that his priority, as he had said throughout his campaign, is the future of the Congolese, which is at the center of all its actions.

“Its development is very important for the development of the country. The priority is to allow all Congolese of school age rapid access to education and, at the same time, to health care, the latter being essential for the man to achieve both physical and intellectual development, “said the Head of State.

In this regard, he said he has an ambitious plan for universal health coverage which he would like to reach the maximum point within a decade.

There is also the fight against poverty (through job creation) and corruption as well as the strengthening of the efficiency of the public administration.

On the economic front, he called on the partners of the European Union (EU) to help rebuild the DRC, especially in the transformation economy.

“We no longer want this economy that is based solely on the extractive industry. We want an improvement, so that this economy, through transformation, provides decent and sustainable jobs to our compatriots, “said the Head of State.

For this, he noted, there is a huge need for energy that abounds the DRC with a lot of potential, unfortunately there is a deficit in the concrete screaming. Also, he called on traditional partners to “strengthen us in this area”.

Speaking of security, the President of the Republic has said that it is one of his priorities because he wants peace in this country.

Much effort is being made on this side, he said. “It is therefore essential for us to restore the authority of the state to bring back this peace, which is dear to us all. We can not therefore claim to achieve any development without peace, “he said, before indicating that he plans to work with his partners to eradicate all armed groups in the country. and thus restore the authority of the state.

Referring to the subject of the environment, the Head of State said that his vision on this issue is to see the DRC participate in related debates. “Because our country is an important lung of humanity, which is why we must have an essential and important place in the debates in this field, so that the DRC contributes to the preservation of the global environment”.


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