General Audit of Sports and Leisure by order of the Prime Minister


 In a letter addressed to the General Inspectorate of Finance, the Head of Government orders to conduct an audit mission on the financial management of this portfolio for the period from January to April 2019.

Le Premier ministre Bruno Tshibala a pris acte de la renonciation de la ministre de la Culture et Arts, Astrid Madiya, à poursuivre l’intérim aux Sports et Loisirs dont elle a été chargée après la démission de l’ancien locataire élu député national, Papy Niango. Pour assurer la continuité du service, Tshibala a désigné le ministre d’Etat en charge des Relations avec le parlement, Lisanga Bonganga, pour continuer cet intérim.

In reality, the Prime Minister did not want to compromise with respect to the instructions on the interim regime. While Madiya took acts of disposition, specifically pardoning a sports leader struck off by a non-profit organization, merged the two firms and appointed an interim Dircab and other new members to the sports and leisure cabinet, the prime minister told him order to report all his fraudulent acts.

In the opinion of several observers, Tshibala’s intransigence was not to the taste of the Minister for Sports and Recreation, who tried to resist. Sometimes using an old video in which she incriminates cabinet members, sometimes by blackmailing the Head of Government via allegedly conditioned trade unionists, recommending Tshibala to reject the resignation. Madiya may be responsible for spreading the message of the famous trade unionists in social networks, it had already created an unhealthy atmosphere with both employees, sports federations and teams. It tells itself that Mazembe complained of his requirement to sign an additional mission order against a promise to receive a few dollars in return. According to some indiscretions, the leaders of the federations were also the subject of similar solicitations, much to their astonishment. The Prime Minister could not admit such practices.

Luzolo folder

While charging Lisanga Bonganga to continue the interim in a republican spirit, calm and serenity, Bruno Tshibala, in favor of transparency, ordered, on April 24, the Inspectorate General of Finance to conduct a general audit at Ministry of Sports and Recreation for the period from January to April 2019. Here the funds disbursed in this sector are mainly intended for the sports movement, where leaders hate reports justifying the allocation of public money made available to them . Between January and April, we talk about the funds allocated to the Leopards handball, volleyball, struggles … and football, V.Club and TP Mazembe, for their campaign in Africa. “FECOFA and its partners, including the General Secretariat for Sports and Leisure, will have to justify $ 7 million, including 100. 000 dollars allocated to secure the match between DR Congo and Liberia, “said a regular. It also mentions the funds released for the funeral of Ndaye Mulamba, that is to say nearly 177,000 dollars put at the disposal of the public accountant on 268,000 dollars solicited.

The audit, we learned, will also concern the management and the destination of the proceeds of the match between the Leopards of DR Congo and the national team of Liberia, counting for the last day of qualifying of the Africa of Nations scheduled for next June in Egypt.

The audit ordered by the Prime Minister is an opportunity to recall the arrest and custody at the Prosecutor of Matete, a year ago, the Secretary General for Sports and Leisure, Barthelemy Okito, President of FECOFA Constant Omari and vice-presidents Roger Bondembe and Théobald Binamungu. Arrested as part of a survey of the Special Advisor anti-corruption of the President of the Republic, Luzolo Bambi, on funds allocated to football Leopards, these four personalities are on bail, it is recalled.


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