Girls android”: a new phenomenon that embeds the female in Kinshasa


“Girls android”, a phenomenon that is gaining momentum and embodies women everywhere in Kinshasa, capital of the DRC, especially in schools and universities, trading centers, even places of worship, especially the churches called “awakening”, implanted in every nook and cranny of the big Congolese metropolis, revealed a mini survey carried out by the writing of the ACP.

This is a race of girls called “hyper connected”, always stuck to their mobile phone, “android or i phone”, often high-end. They get rid of it easily, no matter where they are. They have only one concern: to navigate the different social networks and exchange intimate messages and images of all kinds through the internet connection.

In addition to love subjects, their discussions often revolve around new hairstyle brands, designer clothing, shoes and fashion accessories, as well as commentary on television series broadcast by satellite channels such as “Novelas” and also the documentaries on the life of the Hollywood stars that they take as a model.

The survey revealed that academics are the most affected by this phenomenon. Indeed, students do not hesitate to leave the classrooms to spend most of their time in bistros, accompanied by partners with whom they are constantly in telephone contact.

They are at the same time puffed up and sometimes complexed with those that are different from them, which they regard as “disconnected, outdated and obsolete”. They give the impression of living only in upscale neighborhoods, displaying on their statutes, photos taken in luxurious places, including restaurants, star hotels, nightclubs but almost never in their homes.

To update themselves with the curriculum, they do not hesitate to pay, in kind or in kind, the service of fellow men, whom they have called “nègres”. The latter, intelligent and almost without financial resources, help them to take notes, to do practical work, interrogations and exams in their place.

They think they live in a paradise world while all that is only chimerical. “The android girls” have, for the most part, no desire to rush into the marriage, because often setting their sights on candidates not always easy to find: a man who has already succeeded and who is ready to satisfy their least caprice. They are easily identifiable by impatience, insolence, inconstancy, feverishness. They are in fact only the reverse of the perfect woman.


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