Goma: March against Muhindo Nzangi’s candidacy for governor of North Kivu


Some members of opposition political parties organized a march on Thursday, May 2, 2019 in Goma against the candidacy of Muhindo Nzangi for the election of governor of North Kivu.

These protesters include members of the Alliance for the Renewal of Congo (ARC) and the Mouvement de liberation du Congo (MLC). They say they reproached Muhindo Nzangi for the “xenophobia, tribalism, pride and embezzlement of the Lamuka coalition funds during the election campaign” .

“We do not want someone who does not gather at the head of the province. Muhindo Nzangi is good at parliament and not at the management of public affairs. His tribalism is manifest even in his way of managing small things. We saw this during the election campaign last November , ” denounces Moïse Kakule, a member of the MLC.

The protestors filed a memorandum at the provisional office of the provincial assembly of North Kivu.

MP Kakule Saasita, a member of the Social Movement (MS), downplays this move, which he believes is being carried out by “usurpers”.

“These people are usurpers, they do not have the capacity to represent Together for change in North Kivu even less Lamuka especially since Nzangi is the only respondent in North Kivu. But also among these so-called strikers there are no voters because they are all losers in the elections. We are going to the elections because this little noise has no effect on the candidacy of Muhindo Nzangi, ” said Saasita.

The election of governor in North Kivu and Maï-Ndombe is scheduled for May 30. In North Kivu, four members of Together for Change, Muhindo Nzangi, Jean Paul Lumbulumbu, Eric Kamavu and Venas Tshipasa have applied for governorship. The latter have announced talks with a view to reaching a joint candidacy. The FCC aligned the candidacy of Carly Nzanzu Kasivita.


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