How winter weather could impact spring sports season


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MADISON, Wis. – Schools are hoping fields thaw out and dry up before they have to push back their spring sports schedules.

So far, the Madison Metropolitan School District has not yet made any changes because most of the events that occur outside are not scheduled to take place until April, but obviously all the snow and cold greatly affects the ability to practice outside.

MMSD athletic director Jeremy Schlitz tells News 3 Now as the seasons begin they will find ways to get creative and train inside, like gym spaces and weight rooms.

Most area schools are already accustomed to that after last year’s difficult spring and a late snow. So for now, it’s all about watching and waiting.

“Spring is the toughest time for coaches just because of the uncertainty of the schedule and the same with athletes and players. Part of that is overcoming that adversity,” Schlitz explained. “Now that they’re able to be proactive for it and plan for it, you’ll see a lot of fun things they can do to get active and be a part of their sport but also to keep the kids interested and engaged.”

Schlitz says they do have a Big 8 conference meeting this week and will likely discuss the weather’s impact, but he doesn’t anticipate any changes unless the outdoor spaces are still covered in snow at the end of the month.

Just like last year, an expected late spring may mean double headers or combining meets. It’s something Schlitz says has almost become the new normal for spring teams after a wild year of weather. He appreciates the patience and understanding from coaches, parents and players.



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