Indian healthcare assistance company opens office in Malawi


Guests at the launch

By Duncan Mlanjira

An Indian healthcare solution providing company, Medobal has come closer to South East Africa by opening an office in Malawi in partnership with Malawian business people as well as Malawi Society of Medical Doctors  to offer direct access to expert surgeons in India through an affordable package that includes travel, Visa documentation, accommodation, translation, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation.

The partnership was launched on Friday at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe attended by several dignitaries including Chief Director of Administration in the Ministry of Health (MoH), Bestone Chisamile, who was the guest of honour and Medobal Healthcare’s CEO – Sutharsan Srirangarasah.

Medobal Malawi’s Managing
Partner, Kettie Kamwangala

Other guests included Dr. Amos Nyaka; president of Society of Medical Doctors,  Dr. Carlos Valera; head of surgery department at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Mayamiko Mwinjilo; business development manager for Central Health Medical Aid among others.

In her speech, Medobal Malawi’s Managing Partner, Kettie Kamwangala said she came across Medobal a year ago and having been exhilarated by its services and having heard many success stories of healthy and satisfied people who were assisted by the company, she desperately wanted to bring its services to Malawi.

“So I contacted Medobal and offered to open an information center for the company here in Lilongwe,” she said. “The advantages of bringing Medobal’s services to Malawi are many and chief among them is the fact that India is one country that is able to offer advanced treatments at lower costs compared to developed countries like USA, UK, Germany, Dubai and South Africa.

“The other advantage is that this will eventually bring advanced medical technologies outreach from India to Malawi, thus strengthening our economy. As Medobal is spreading across 15 countries worldwide through partnerships with 20 international institutions, it is important that Malawi is not left behind or left out.

Dr. Valera (right) being honored by
Charles Kamwangala

“But more than anything, bringing Medobal to Malawi strengthens our healthcare system in many possible ways. Apart from the abroad treatment assistances, Medobal will conduct the Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for our Malawian doctors by bringing Indian doctors to facilitate knowledge transfers on different specialties and advanced techniques.

This will increase the value and capacity of Malawi’s upcoming generation of doctors, as well as opening doors for further medical studies in India for the best deserving students.”

She explained that the need to travel abroad for treatment, which is the combination of the illness and the search for quality treatment, can cause the patient, their families, their co-workers, and their communities to be emotionally and financially drained.

“Medobal comes alongside you in such situations to lessen the burden and to make sure you are not alone or taken advantage of. Medobal understands that getting treated abroad is not just a case of picking a country and flying there hoping to find what you are looking for.

Guest of honour Chisamile

“Before you get on a plane, you need to have a complete required package guaranteeing access to the care you need. That means on top of your flight ticket, you need the right visa, you need the right kind of plane to transport you, you need to be booked for an appointment with the right doctor at the right hospital that has the right tools and equipment to help you and finally keeping your health right.

“You need the complete package, and that is what we at Medobal offer. We have offered our healthcare assistance to patients of various nations from Africa, Asia, Middle east and Pacific nations. We help to secure visas, forex, ground transportation and accommodation economically.”

She said the process of bringing Medobal to Malawi began with a year of research on Malawi’s healthcare system in collaboration with MoH, Society of Medical Doctors and several health professional in the industry.

“We understand what the real support is required by the patient, that is the base on which Medobal is built. When we or someone close to us gets sick under critical conditions and looking for treatment outside the country, Medobal is the right option.

“Getting treated is not something that happens by accident; it must be planned.  Look up for a plan and you find Medobal there,” she said.

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