Iraqi and Iranian Foreign Ministers met and signed New MOU


The Foreign minister of Iraq arranged a press conference along with his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad to discuss various issues between both sides. The Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Hakim said in his press statement that the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif and his delegation have a specialized technical team from a group of ministries. They will sign bilateral agreements in the sectors of agriculture, health, trade, commercial, and industrial. Hakim added that there is an amendment to a previous memorandum of understanding MOU in the industry and trade sectors. He pointed out that the Iraqi side displayed on the Iranian side of the industrial zone experience with Jordan and its importance and expanded to be similar to Iran.

Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Jawad Zarif said during the conference that the Iranian delegation held better talks in the preparation for a visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq. Point to be noted that the visit of Rowhani to Iraq is planned for Monday. He further added that the Iraqi and Iranian sides have focused their attention on the understandings in the interests of both countries in providing facilities in the sectors of agriculture and trade. Zarif said that these agreements will possibly contribute to helping the Iraqi and Iranian people”. He added that the victory over Daesh who cherish along with Iraq by standing in this war due to both countries represent major cornerstones for the security of the region. Zarif further added in his statement that the Syrian issue was discussed in this visit and the need to unite the Syrian territories and eliminate the preacher. He called on Iran’s welcome to seek Iraq to return Syria to Arab and international forums.

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