Kinshasa: the government treasurer Kimbuta has 48 hours to respond to MPPs


 The outgoing provincial Minister of Finance, Guy Matondo, was Thursday, May 02, 2019 before the provincial deputies of Kinshasa to answer the motion of interpellation him addressed by the elected of the commune of Kintambo, Didier Tenge Lito.

After holding his speech, and gathering some questions from the elected officials of the Capital, he asked for a 48-hour period, which he was granted, to answer the questions asked. These questions included the mortgage of the parcel of the provincial assembly of Kinshasa, the granting of the sale of the vignettes to individuals, the numbers of bank accounts beneficiary loans.

During this plenary, Guy Matondo enlightened the lantern of the deputies on the financial statements under the management of the former governor of the city of Kinshasa, Andre Kimbuta Yango. The author of the motion had raised some points including the over-indebtedness of the city-province of Kinshasa, the parallel or fictitious accounts and the arrears of the salaries of the provincial ministers, the members of their cabinets, the officials of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa as well as those attached to the administration of the city.

In his response, Minister Guy Matondo informed the provincial elected officials that the provincial executive, formerly led by André Kimbuta, had made an $ 18 million loan from three commercial banks in the area, the deadline until the end of 2020. According to his explanations, these loans were used in particular for the construction and equipment of the new building which houses the Kinshasa City Hall, and which was inaugurated by the former VPM of the Interior and Security Mova Sakanyi.

For the money-maker leaving the city of Kinshasa, these funds were used also in the purchase of vehicles from the 24 communes and those intended for the sanitation of the city. “I would like to bring to your attention that to these days, the debt of the city province with 3 commercial banks out of the 18 of the place is presented in the following manner UBA 12 million US dollar credit whose maturity will run until December 2020

The 10% of loan amount is kept by the bank as collateral. Afriland First Bank, US $ 2 million payable no later than January 2020. Rawbank US $ 1 million ending in August 2019. All in all, the overall amount is US $ 18 million. For other banks, the accounts are open.

The loans thus made were used for the construction and equipment of the new Kinshasa City Hall building, the purchase of vehicles for the sanitation of the city, the modernization of Kulumba Avenue in Masina, the purchase of fire-fighting vehicles, the construction of the Ndjili road, the acquisition of vehicles from the municipality and the construction of the Maluku morgue, the construction of a new fire station (…) » said Guy Matondo to the provincial elected officials.

Moreover, he deplored the political environment that did not allow the respect of the law and principles prescribed in the constitution with regard to the autonomy of the provinces and the management of the decentralized entities.

Manifestation outside the APK against Guy Matondo

While the plenary was held, about thirty agents of the Sanitation and Public Works Department of Kinshasa (RATPK) protested outside the headquarters of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly against the provincial Finance Minister, Guy Matondo.

The object of their demonstration was about their salary arrears of more than 20 months. “We are the agents of sanitation (…). We worked for more than 25 months but we were not paid. We are not able to pay the rent. Our women have left us since we can not take care of our families.

The governor told us that he knows nothing about our situation. That’s why we came here to call on Minister Matondo to find a solution as he manages the province’s finances, “said a protester.

To recall that besides Didier Tenge Te Lito, the deputies Jean Ngoy and Dolly Makambo had even affirmed during this plenary of Tuesday of last week, that they hold damning documents which reveal mistakes of megestion serious public finances of Kinshasa, reports And for its part, the president of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly, Godefroid Mpoyi, had to stress that the mortgage of the revenues of the city-province of Kinshasa is three years old.


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