Lack of resources and over-taxation hinder women’s entrepreneurship


Women are struggling to embark on entrepreneurship because of insufficient resources in Mont-Ngafula.

The vice president of the NGO “Association for Solidarity, Environment and Peace” (ASEP) in the municipality of Mont Ngafula, Eliane Hazoume said Thursday, during a press conference that women entrepreneurs experience difficulties to embark on entrepreneurship because of insufficient means and because of over-taxation in their transactions.

According to Ms. Hazoume, these two major obstacles must be removed to enable women’s entrepreneurship to flourish in the DRC in general and in Kinshasa in particular, where more and more women are entering business. .

She also acknowledged that despite the deterioration of the economic fabric, the source of unemployment and income loss in the DRC, women are trying to get into business. On this, they need encouragement, she argued, emphasizing the importance of training and support of the state given the difficulties of women’s access to bank loans.


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