'Left with scars': Fake nurse jailed 2 years for face peel, Botox injections


A Brampton woman who impersonated a registered nurse and injected three people with Botox has been jailed for two years.

Shiva Ashkani, 43, was found guilty in 2017 of eight charges including assault with a weapon (a syringe), aggravated assault and fraud. She underwent a 30-day psychiatric assessment last year to determine if she was mentally fit to be sentenced. She was found to be fit and was sentenced to two years less a day last month and three years probation.

Ashkani advertised on Kijiji that she was a nurse with 13 years experience working with surgeons and 21 years as a medical cosmetician in Beverly Hills, Vancouver and Toronto administering Botox and collagen filler by syringe.

She injected “substances” and applied material to the faces of three women. The treatments “brought significant psychological and physical pain, as well as financial harm,” Justice Alfred O’Marra concluded.

One victim said Ashkani showed her what she later learned to be “fake” credentials before administering two injections and an acid rejuvenating peel to her face.

“I was in such excruciating pain with whatever substance she applied to my face that it was physically impossible to endure,” she wrote in her victim impact statement. “It is also unknown what was injected into my face on either occasion.”

The side effects included swelling and open, weeping sores for which she underwent extensive and painful treatment.

“The physical and emotional damage that Ms. Ashkani has caused me will be permanent,” she noted. “I have been left with scars and severe damage to my skin that I have come to accept will be lifelong.”

Ashkani suffers from a “significant history of mental health issues,” O’Marra wrote in his sentencing decision. Court heard she suffers from bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, and is undergoing treatment, including medication.

“Ms. Ashkani maintains that she is the victim in this matter and she did no harm,” he noted.

O’Marra stated although she was “deserving” of a penitentiary sentence of more than two years, he opted for a shorter sentence in a provincial facility so he could also impose three years of probation, for a total of five years of supervision. He pointed to the “need to ensure her access to treatment and continuing control and supervision of Ms. Ashkani beyond incarceration.”

She has prior convictions in Newmarket for assault with a weapon and aggravated assault in the beating of her husband.

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