Letters: Toomey cheered for opposing a White House declaration; Why attack McCain?


Toomey’s vote went against ‘irresponsible’ security approach

Kudos to U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey for voting to override President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency as a tactic to bypass Congress to garner funds for his pet project, a wall. To me, the senator’s vote was to take a stand for the separation of powers (This president has repeatedly demonstrated his disdain for the judicial and legislative branches of government) as well as a vote against Trump’s simplistic, irresponsible and impractical approach to border security.

Border security, part of comprehensive immigration reform, has been supported by both parties for years. Physical barriers at critical points, increasing the number of border control agents and the use of high-tech detection of unlawful entry into the U.S. are all methods that can be employed to control immigration. Building a 2,000-plus-mile “wall” is insane. Tunnels continue to be built under existing walls, and Wilbur Wright could fly over one!

It appears that not one past president used this power to “keep a campaign promise” or grossly misuse tax dollars! We need more responsible members of Congress like Sen. Toomey.

Linda Keil, Centre Hall

What’s the use in attacking McCain?

I can’t understand why President Donald Trump continues to attack John McCain. I can’t understand why most members of his own party refuse to condemn him for these senseless assaults. I really can’t understand why my fellow Vietnam veterans are not howling at the moon over the slander of an American hero by a man who cravenly avoided service. Mostly, I can’t understand why we seem to have abandoned norms of decency and fair play. What good does it do the president to besmirch the late John McCain? I just don’t get it! I would like to ask President Trump the same question Joseph Welch asked Sen. Joe McCarthy 65 years ago: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

I’m afraid the answer to that is far too obvious.

John Dubosky, Spring Mills

Country deserves more

How dare President Donald Trump impugn the name of the late Sen John McCain. The man served our country honorably, was a prison of war, suffered horrendous punishment at the hands of our enemy and then honorably served our country again in the Senate. When did Trump serve his country? Surely not in the office he is holding as he is a self-serving, narcissistic, ego-maniacal person who acts like a spoiled child. If you don’t do as he wants, he resorts to name calling and threats. Hopefully he will be a one term resident of the White House, but I truly hope he will not serve his first full term. Our country deserves so much more.

Donna Hockenberry, Bellefonte

Coverage of gun violence resonated

The Feb. 17 issue of the Centre Daily Times provided outstanding coverage of the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. My sincere thanks to CDT for printing the names and ages of all 1,200 children killed by guns in the 12 months since the Parkland shooting on Feb. 14, 2018.

The impact of two full pages listing the names of those 1,200 children killed by gun violence was powerful. The tragic stories of children killed in domestic disputes were heartbreaking. The painful silence of Congress in the wake of repeated mass shootings and daily gun violence as demonstrated in the opinion “Would Congress act if Parkland had been a plane crash instead?” was thought-provoking. There are many urgent issues that require our vigilant attention and action. The CDT has shown strong commitment to bringing our attention to the epidemic of gun violence.

Our local Centre Region chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America began exactly one year ago, in March 2018. Our goal is to promote programs and legislation to eliminate gun violence while respecting the Second Amendment. We welcome all in our community to join us in this effort.

Maggie Ellis, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Centre Region


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