Lomami: Dutch businessmen attracted by business opportunities


Dutch investors from DECLEAK International are interested in business opportunities in Lomami province. A delegation led by Mick Mukuna, the company’s representative in the DRC, made a prospection visit to the province last week. She had talks with the governor, Sylvain Lubamba Mayombo.

According to a dispatch from the ACP, DECLEAK delegates informed the provincial chief executive of the need to build infrastructure and carry out various public works as part of the reconstruction of the province. This, with the aim of boosting the development of this part of the DRC hampered in particular by the enclavement following the absence of viable works.

These investors were also interested in the urban road of Kabinda, capital of the province of Lomami, totally degraded with the presence of a few heads of ravines that threaten the ecological fabric.

Two large ravines have been identified on Yakumbu and Shabana avenues which, according to the governorate, require work to stop their progress, which threatens entire neighborhoods.

The National No. 2 connecting the city of Mbuji-Mayi, capital of the Kasai Oriental province in Kabinda also interested the Dutch delegation.


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