Lubero militia leader surrendered to army


The self-proclaimed “Safari” general of the Mai-Mai Mazembe militia, active in the north of Lubero territory (North Kivu), visited the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) on Thursday, May 16th.

His surrender came in the evening, around 17 hours, after being wounded in a firefight between two factions of the same Mazembe group – between the team of the self-proclaimed general Kabido and that of the self-proclaimed general Safari.

These disputes arose in the village of Kinyatsi, located 30 kilometers north of Lubero center. The administrator of the territory of Lubero, Richard Nyembo wa Nyembo, who confirms this information, says that the injured militia leader continues the care in a health facility of the place. 

Wounded, the self-proclaimed general “was brought by his men to Kimbulu, as he was in this situation of injury, the FARDC transported him to the general hospital of Lubero where he is following the care while respecting the norms of international humanitarian law. “, told .

At the end of the shootings, a group of militiamen landed in the village of Musienene, robbing a police officer of a weapon, according to Nyembo Wa Nyembo.

Another surrender was reported Wednesday in this territory: that of three militiamen May – May. Armed with an AK47 weapon, they went to Monusco in the village of Mulo.


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