Mabunda: “With my 56 other fellow women MPs, I am a” Politician “like any other


Twice elected national deputy, Jeanine Mabunda sees herself as “a full-fledged political actress” and whose candidacy has not been proposed because “woman”. During her pre-election speech Tuesday at the hemicycle, the candidate of the FCC-CACH coalition remarked that this election “made a lot of ink” and caused a lot of mobilization of young people and men in the country because “a woman “was proposed for the post of President of the Assembly.

“I have to remember that while being acquired in women’s combat, we must adapt this dimension to our African culture. With my 56 other female MPs, I am a “Politician” like any other and twice elected, so I need the vote of my male colleagues. It is not a kind of assault: “TOTELEMELI BA PAPA”, but it is the occasion of a historic partnership with 443 deputies “men” present here of which we will be the best ambassador “, she has declared.

Not the best, but a representative, that’s how she introduced herself.

“So, if you vote for me, I will be proud to belong to this country where men have believed in us. I want above all to convince you, I am not the first of you, I am not the best of you, I will be one of you delegated by you and for you, ” she added.

The election for which she is a sole candidate is scheduled this morning at the People’s Palace.


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