Martin Fayulu, to build his own base

Martin Fayulu

Already, observers believe that the leader of Ecide must make profitable the current effervescence in his favor, taking into account the internal and external evolutions. Martin Fayulu. We may or may not like him, he is no less than nothing in the current political class of the DR Congo. On the contrary.

This man, who could not be bet on before the meeting of the seven Opposition leaders in November 2018 in Geneva, ended up making a name for himself in both national and international opinion. At the front for the “truth of the polls”, after his failure in the presidential election of December 30, Martin Fayulu drains large crowds in each of his public appearances. The meeting of the Esplanade de la Poste on May 13th in Kisangani is a perfect illustration.

Whether February 15 in Butembo or April 28 St. Therese place in N’Djili / Kinshasa, thousands of people had moved to listen to Martin Fayulu. Proof that these Congolese continue to believe in the political struggle, if not in the ideology of the former electoral platform Lamuka, transformed into a political grouping, embodied Martin Fayulu. But for how long will these Congolese remain faithful to the commander-in-chief of the fight for the “truth of the polls”? How far will they continue to support him? This may not be the question.

However, observers believe that Martin Fayulu, who has benefited from a happy circumstance, would be better off grabbing the ball. For these analysts, Mafa has no other alternative than to make profitable the ambient effervescence, the current craze around him. This profitability should therefore be reflected in the formation of a real base, rather than being content with a popular composite base, a mosaic that can always cross the line at any time.

Some argue that Martin Fayulu owes its current notoriety, the absence of Jean-Pierre Bemba and Moïse Katumbi, two great figures of the Opposition, disqualified from the preliminaries of the presidential election of December 30 last year. This thesis, which is widespread in some political circles in the DR Congo, must not or can not simply be excluded from the outset. It turns out to be that, unfortunately or fortunately – it is according to the famous competition of circumstance of which so many analysts are interested on this subject. So it does not matter what one might say of him, intellectual honesty obliges to recognize that Martin Fayulu has managed to get a good reputation both nationally and internationally. That means, he must make sustainable dividends on the “circumstantial” scale he has taken. In addition to building a base, Martin Fayulu must also play the institutional game. It is here that observers invite him to consider the current reality and redirect his political struggle.

For many reasons, many Congolese are increasingly arguing that the battle for the “truth of the ballot box” is, to this day, a cause already lost. Since the local Catholic Church that supported him in this fight, before and after the publication of the provisional results of the presidential election does not speak any more, also, from the moment when his foreign partners finally came to the obvious. that at the current stage of the situation, it is no longer possible to backtrack, Martin Fayulu should draw the necessary consequences. In the coming days, two opposition leaders have announced their return to the country. It is first of Moïse Katumbi, reported for Monday, May 20 and then Jean-Pierre Bemba whose arrival would be imminent according to his relatives.

That Moses Katumbi and Jean-Pierre Bemba decide to return to the fold, it will not be in any case to continue to preach for the chapel of Fayulu. On the contrary. That Western countries have recognized the victory of Felix Tshisekedi, that the US, Belgium and tomorrow France agree to revitalize cooperation with the DR Congo, one wonders what could still be the fight for the truth of the ballot box. These official pronouncements of Brussels and Washington, are highlights of the evolution of the political situation in DR Congo at the external level. And so, Martin Fayulu should definitely take this into account. Unless the goal would be to lead a prestige fight.


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