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Leader in Epidemic Risk Modeling Releases Free Tool for Tracking Events that Could Impact Human and Economic Health

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) April 16, 2019

The World Economic Forum believes pandemics could cause a $570 billion annual loss to the global economy. With the proliferation of infectious disease threats, including the resurgence of Measles resulting in New York declaring a public health emergency last week to a recently discovered pathogen called Candida auris that has emerged globally as a multidrug-resistant infection, it has become more critical than ever before to have better insights into outbreaks and ongoing epidemics. That is why today Metabiota has launched the Metabiota Epidemic Tracker, a free, new platform to view, analyze and understand events that could impact people, industries and nations.

“Until now, there has not been an effective way for organizations to plan for — and mobilize against — emerging health threats,” said Bill Rossi, CEO of Metabiota. “As we saw from the impact of the Zika virus, where travel alerts correlated to significant financial losses for the hospitality industry, infectious disease events can cause a ripple effect of health and economic hardships. This tracker aligns with Metabiota’s mission to make the world more resilient to human and economic health threats by providing an open, focused and balanced view into emerging and ongoing outbreaks.”

Based on detailed information for over 120 pathogens, each with its unique profile, history and up-to-date statistics, including reported cases and deaths, The Epidemic Tracker is optimized for a wide range of users, from corporate risk managers assessing risks that could impact their organizations to health and safety professionals protecting their workforces to travel enthusiasts and anyone curious about the global health landscape.

“Data and reports on epidemics are often unstructured, messy, and difficult to analyze,” said Ben Oppenheim, Head of Product at Metabiota. “A key part of Metabiota’s approach is to carefully collate, structure and validate this data, in order to understand how epidemic risk is unfolding over space and time. This tracker is designed to remove the complexities and deliver a simple and intuitive view of outbreaks around the world.”

With its near real-time analysis of outbreaks and its downloadable biweekly reports called “The Current Global Outbreaks of Concern,” The Epidemic Tracker specifically aims to help corporations at-risk of being impacted by epidemics, such as those in the hospitality, tourism, sports, entertainment, airline, and livestock sectors, along with government organizations, like city and state public entities as well as those operating in national defense, intelligence, and disease research environments. For more information, visit

About Metabiota

Metabiota is the pioneer in comprehensive risk analytics that help organizations and countries build resilience to epidemics and protect global public health. Built on a strong foundation of scientific expertise, including a worldwide network of on-the-ground experts, Metabiota delivers actionable, data-driven analytics to help countries and corporations mitigate complex health issues. With a strategic global presence and sustained partnerships, Metabiota’s agile approach helps identify, analyze and transfer the risk associated with biological threats. The company’s international footprint includes operations in nearly 20 countries and offices in San Francisco, Canada, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Metabiota was just named to The InsurTech Impact 25 for being best placed to impact insurance industry in 2019 as well as Business Insurance Magazine’s Innovator Award for its product introduction of PathogenRX in 2018. For more information about the company, visit

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