Murder of UN experts: Colonel Mambweni charged with Kasai


olonel Mambweni is now being prosecuted for the killing of UN experts in Kasai. His file was sent to the military court of the former Kasai Occidental.

In custody since December 7 in Kananga for investigative reasons, the defendant was informed last Saturday. According to judicial sources, Colonel Jean de Dieu Mambweni will answer for six counts. He is prosecuted for violation of instructions, war crime by murder and association of criminals.

The officer is suspected of having helped the murder of Zaida Catalan and Michael Sharp, “the participant in the execution of the ambush” in which the two experts of the UN fell on March 12, 2017. The Colonel Mambweni is also charged with providing 12-caliber ammunition for the commission of this murder. As for the criminal conspiracy charge, the officer is alleged to have been “part of a gang of one of the Kamuina Nsapu militia” including Vincent Manga, Tshidima Bula Bula, Ilunga Lumu and Jean-Bosco Mukanda.

The latter are already tried before the military garrison court of Kananga for the murder of Zaida Catalan and Michael Sharp. The military court of the former Kasai Occidental will now have to fix the date for the beginning of the hearings of the investigation – of this case.


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