National Assembly: the shadow of the constitutional amendment hangs over the final desk


The Common Front for Congo (CFC) holds the presidency of the presidency of the National Assembly. The Congolese, in the light of a recent past, know that the former dignitaries of the Kabila regime remain faithful to their supreme guide. Certainly the new President of the Republic has expressed the wish to amend the Constitution, especially to fight against corruption in elections in the provincial assemblies. The same intentions to modify the supreme law are also nourished on the side of the FCC, but not for the same objectives. Decidedly, the shadow of the constitutional amendment hangs over the new defensive office of the lower house of Parliament.

The cavalier invalidation of Henri-Thomas Lokondo as a candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly is a sign that does not deceive: the parliamentary majority, today incarnated mainly by the Common Front for Congo (FCC) , keeps all its power of nuisance.

While the election of Jeannine Mabunda, a candidate imposed by the moral authority of the FCC, was absolutely accepted in light of the vote that took place on April 24, but the FCC did not want to take any risk for it. offer some suspense. This political platform has decided to invalidate an independent candidate in violation of the Rules of Procedure of the Lower House of Parliament.

Strengthen the powers of an individual

This fact alone demonstrates that the FCC will never be a Republican political platform. She rolls for selfish and partisan interests. The FCC will always be able to walk on the laws of the country as soon as its interests are endangered. The management of these last 18 years is the proof that within this political family neither the respect of the Constitution even less of the rules of procedure, even within the Parliament, could not come to the end of its Machiavellian projects.

Cape Town for Change (Cach) is therefore warned. His partner, the FCC, clearly has a hidden agenda, that of always tampering with the laws of the country for his partisan and selfish interests. It is an indisputable fact. Therefore, we must monitor all initiatives that the new president of the National Assembly will take, from the top of his perch, including any initiative to amend the Constitution of the Republic.

In the recent past, whenever the ruling majority wanted to change the Constitution, it was neither to meet the Congolese demand even less for the best interests of the nation but only to strengthen the powers of an individual, his moral authority then president of the Republic. As proof, the two constitutional changes that the DRC made were to go from two rounds to one round in order to maximize Joseph Kabila’s chances of success in 2011 and to reinforce his power by granting him the possibility to revoke the provincial governors.

Before the last elections that brought Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi to the highest office, the majority fought tooth and nail like a devil in a holy water to try to justify that Joseph Kabila had, by right, the opportunity to represent to this presidential. It took pressure from the Congolese, through the Catholic Church, and from the international community for the regime’s henchmen to retreat. The Congolese keep this in memory. And so, the FCC that was born of the MP kept all these reflexes of the country’s laws tampering for his party interests.

Modification of the Constitution to counter certain weaknesses

Admittedly, President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi had expressed the wish to change the Constitution but it is for very specific matters. Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi had proposed the amendment of the Constitution, in particular to put an end to this fair of corruption in the provincial assemblies during the election of senators and that of the governors.

This proposal seems to be accepted by the majority of Congolese who were offended by the extent of corruption in the elections of senators and provincial governors and vice-governors. These elections were largely won by the FCC precisely. So, if we have to look for corrupters, we know in which camp he finds himself today.

Fortunately, the new President of the Republic has made corruption his workhorse. Better, he intends to “debunk the dictatorial system” inherited from his predecessor. Clearly, the President of the Republic plans a modification of the Constitution to address certain weaknesses, particularly in the voting methods of senators, governors and vice-governors but the FCC is waiting for this opportunity to introduce amendments to the supreme law in order to to return to business his moral authority.

Jeannine Mabunda will be scrutinized in her every move. The Congolese have welcomed the peaceful democratic alternation just to give the country the opportunity to catch up with both the democratic values ??and the economic development of the country. Any initiative to amend the Constitution to satisfy the wishes of an individual will be rejecte


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