Paris follows in Washington to support Felix Tshisekedi


Like the United States of America, France, in turn, has clearly signaled its intentions to be able to influence the direction in which the Democratic Republic of the Congo will have to evolve. Faced with the geostrategic stakes of the hour, Paris has been forced to change its tune.

Paris, who called the presidential election in the DRC and made Felix Tshisekedi President of the Republic, as an African compromise, realized the obvious, officially recognizing that there was a true democratic election. This reversal, for Professor Bob Kabamba, is a sign that the French government does not want to let the train pass without being able to influence the direction in which this train will go that is the DRC. It should not be forgotten that the Congo still remains a major strategic stake, in particular by the cobalt ore that will intervene in new technologies that are developing Western economies, he said.

Paris is aligned with Washington, but many other countries are also lining up on the same path. Realpolitik, it would seem that the goal of these different actors at the international level was the departure of Kabila, whatever the conditions. Since Kabila is no longer president, it is another president who is there, the international community considers that this mission is accomplished. Nevertheless, it still raises conditions, in particular the question of restraint. Hence, the return of the various political leaders, but also the fact that the Kabila clan no longer continues to control most of the power of the DRC.


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