President Felix Tshisekedi returns to Kinshasa after working in Kisangani


In Kisangani, Felix Tshisekedi’s stay was not easy. To kill two birds with one stone, the President of the Republic has fingered the realities of the province of Tshopo and proceeded to the revival of commercial traffic between the provinces of Tshopo, Tshuapa, Sankuru, and Kasai Central through the inauguration of the bridge thrown on the Lubunga River.

The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, returned to Kinshasa Wednesday evening after his two (2) day working visit to Kisangani, capital of the province of Tshopo.

Upon his plane’s flight to N`Djili International Airport, the Head of State was greeted at the foot of the bridge by his deputy chief of staff in charge of legal, political and administrative matters.

During his stay in Kisangani, the Head of State inaugurated, in turn, the Lubuya bridge built on the Loya River, near the Wanyarukula coaching station, 56 km from Kisangani on the road leading to the province of Maniema passing through the territory of Lubutu before the inauguration of the Lubunga Bridge located on the left bank of the Congo River.

The latter, with a length of 18 m of reinforced concrete and a bearing capacity of 60 tons, is located on the Kisangani-Opala-Lomela and Lodja road and opens the traffic on the Nationale No. 7.

The Head of State also took advantage of his stay in Kisangani to confer Wednesday with the academic authorities and students of Kisangani University (UNIKIS) to establish cordial relations after the conflict that had opposed them for more two months of interruption of the courses.

Earlier in the morning, he chaired a meeting of the Provincial Security Council focused on assessing the security situation in Kisangani City and throughout Tshopo Province. The meeting also focused on the situation on the UNIKIS campus and on the insecurity in Ubundu territory, 128 km from Kisangani.

The President of the Republic is on his fifth visit to the interior of the country, since his election to the highest office he has already been in the provinces of Upper Katanga (Lubumbashi), North Kivu (Goma) to Beni and Butembo), South Kivu (Kalehe) and Kongo Central (Boma)


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