Prime Minister: “This is not a debate, the Prime Minister will come from the FCC”, Aubin Minaku


Speaking on Monday April 29 on Radio France Internationale (RFI), the former Speaker of the National Assembly, Aubin Minaku, said that the future head of government will indeed come out of the ranks of the Common Front for Congo (FCC) and No of their partner Cap for Change (Cach).

“The Prime Minister comes from the parliamentary majority, and we all know that this parliamentary majority is made up of the FCC and Cach. The Prime Minister will come from the FCC which has about 335 deputies, while CACH has a little over 50. This is not even a debate except in the press, “said Aubin Minaku.

This FCC framework, however, said it understands the delay in the appointment of the government trainer. According to him, this is justified by the fact that the leaders of the FCC and Cach manage a new situation.

“FCC and Cach interact, exchange, together make up a parliamentary majority. It’s a first. Their two leaders have come together to find a solution for peace, the key is to understand that. There is no problem, but we manage a new situation and so it is clear that sometimes we can take a little bit of time, “he added.

These clarifications of Aubin Minaku are intended to put an end to speculation that the future Prime Minister can also come from CACH, since it composes the parliamentary majority with the FCC. Vital Kamerhe, executive of Cach and current cabinet director of the president of the republic, is frequently cited as the future head of government.


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