Productivity Commission to examine tech change and future of work


Minister of finance Grant Robertson has asked the Productivity Commission to examine and report on technological change, disruption and the future of work in a project to be undertaken jointly with the Australian Productivity Commission.

The move follows the launch last August of a joint Australia-NZ project focused on growing the digital economy and maximising opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises.

The minister said the commission had been asked to consider the potential impacts of rapid technological change and its impact on the future of work and the workforce in New Zealand, to help inform future government policy so the opportunities presented by disruptive technologies for economic productivity and social prosperity could be realised, and the risks managed.

The commission said its earlier joint project had been designed to explore how institutional and regulatory settings in the two countries could support the use of digital technology and, in particular, how small and medium enterprises could maximise the opportunities from digital transformation.

NZ Productivity Commission director, Judy Kavanagh, said the joint report had highlighted the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital economy.


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