Prostitution networks accused of obstructing gender promotion


Prostitution networks are a crime against humanity and particularly a brake for the promotion of gender, said Monday, the gender officer in the NGO “Army Elite Congo”, based in the municipality of Masina, Vanessa Milambo, during an interview with the ACP.

For Vanessa Milambo, women and girls are the first victims of this market of crime and human trafficking including sexual exploitation.

These women, she explains, are recruited in different ways, either through “informal buying” from their families with a promise of low-skilled but well-paid work, or through the use of “Lover Boys”. , a system that sends young boys aged 18 to 25 to flirt with students in high schools to embark on this system. Once they are immersed in this way of life, they will no longer have the ability to escape.

“As a non-governmental organization, we need to put in place a warning mechanism against prostitution rings through the media, sexist advertising, the culture of denouncing rape in order to awaken the gender,” he said. she said.


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