Rebel attack in Beni: About 10 dead Reported


At least 10 people, including nine civilians and one soldier, have died this morning in an attack attributed to Ugandan rebels of Democratic and Allied Forces (ADF) in Kilhewa, a village at kilometer point 13 (PK13) on the Mbau-Kamango road in the territory. from Beni (North Kivu).

The rebel assault was launched at 9 am, the attackers targeted the civilian population, the military intervened. The local civil society that adds this report adds that three people do not answer the call so far and one civilian is seriously injured.

“There are nine civilians killed, including five women and four men, among them pygmies, a killed soldier and a wounded civilian, three missing persons, and we are following the situation in the area. a surprise for all the communities that are in the area there.People were starting to regain their entity, now those who went there were not aware that the attack could occur. “told.


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