Relations between Kinshasa and Addis Ababa based on a very strong foundation: Sahle-Work Zewde


Relations between Kinshasa and Addis Ababa are based on a very solid foundation since the independence of the DRC in 1960, said Saturday to the press, the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ms. Sahle-Work Zewde, the result of his interview of more than two hours with President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

She said, in this regard, that there are many opportunities that both countries should have exploited in the past and that it would be necessary to make up for lost time.

Ms. Sahle-Work Zwede, who said that she has already met more than once with President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi in Africa, said that through his visit to the DRC, Kinshasa and Addis Ababa have just laid a good foundation for the consolidation of their relations. She and her Congolese counterpart are both convinced that it is up to Africans to work together to achieve the development of their continent, she added.

The President of Ethiopia is convinced that a new page will open on the economic level between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, saying that it has been identified on the occasion of this visit, many things that both countries can do together.

The rapprochement between the two states, the bilateral cooperation as well as the fight against the disguised slavery of women were at the center of the exchanges between the two Presidents.

Cited as an example of African development, Ethiopia inspires the DRC in the path of emergence. With its potential and the political will of the Head of State Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, the DRC wants to emerge from the abyss of poverty.

Ms. Sahile-Work Zewde also recalled that very good relations have existed between her country and the DRC since the 1960s, particularly in the context of peacekeeping missions and at the economic level. She said that the names of avenues Saïo and Gambela in the commune of Kasa-Vubu are Ethiopian villages nicknamed as such in memory of the intervention on the coast of the Allies (France, England, USA, Russia, etc.) elements of the Public Force during the 2nd World War.

“There is much to be done in the context of economic relations,” she insisted, while noting in particular that the DRC is one of the sources of the Ethiopian economy with 22 flights of Ethiopian Airlines per week between Kinshasa and Addis Ababa.

A dinner hosted by President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo to his Ethiopian counterpart and his entire delegation to the African Union city closed this visit.

The President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Sahile-Work Zewde, arrived in Kinshasa on Saturday for a brief working visit. She was greeted at N’Djili International Airport by Mrs. Jeanine Mabunda, President of the National Assembly of the DRC, surrounded including officers of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) and the Congolese National Police (PNC) .


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